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We provide more fun with your E Bike!

Bosch Pedelec with bikespeed TuningDo you also sometimes wish that the support of your e-bike would not stop at 25 km/h? Then we have exactly the right solution for you. Our tunings extend the range of the motor support of your pedelec up to 50 km/h and more! Unlock the full potential of your engine with our e-bike tuning solutions in just a few steps and enjoy speeds that bring a whole new riding experience and joy to e-bike riding.

Tune your e-bike and activate supreme riding fun

Tune your e-bike and activate supreme riding funOur bikespeed-RS stands for RealSpeed-Tuning, i.e. e-bike tuning of the latest generation. Real Speed means: Even after deactivation of the speed lock and activation of the full motor power, the real speed is displayed on your speedometer at any time. Also all other data and functions on your pedelec, such as the odometer, the display of average or maximum speed or the range calculation remain unaffected by the tuning and can simply be used as usual. So you will hardly notice that a tuning is built in - if it wasn't for the speed. Because when you tune your e-bike with the bikespeed-RS, you switch on the turbo for the fun of riding.

Tune your e-bike with Bosch-, Yamaha-,Brose-, Panasonic-, TQ- or Sachs-engine

Tune your e-bike with Bosch-, Yamaha-,Brose-, Panasonic-, TQ- or Sachs-engineThe bikespeed-RS is available for pedelecs with Bosch-, Yamaha-, Brose-, Panasonic-, TQ or Sachs-mid-motor We offer our RealSpeed tuning solution in two versions: In the preconfigured standard variant bikespeed-RS or as custom-variant bikespeed-RSc, which can be individualized by the customer when ordering directly in the shop. The latter offers, among other things, the possibility of using personal settings to protect the tuning of the e-bike from unauthorised viewing.

After the simple installation of the e-bike tuning, the full engine power can be activated at any time conveniently via a key sequence on the display or handlebar control panel.

E-bike tuning also for YOUR bicycle

E-bike tuning also for YOUR bicycleYou would like to know which e-bike tuning solution we can offer you for your bike? A glance at our shop gwill give you a quick answer. With a few clicks you will find the right tuning for your bike quickly and easily. You can also take a look at our compatibility list to check if the bikespeed-RS is compatible with your motor software or an update of it.

Who we are

sign to the bikespeed-key tuning for Bosch E-Bikebikespeed stands for e-bike tuning from bike enthusiasts for like-minded people. We have been driven by the e-bike fever for almost ten years now. If you would like to learn more about us and the development of our tuning solutions, please read on here.