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Mit dem bikespeed-RS das E Bike schneller machenE-bikes are a great thing: they allow even the untrained to make wonderfully long tours without fear of climbs and worrying about getting "out of breath" - and sporty bikers enjoy the ease with which even demanding routes can be mastered. If it weren't for the unpopular speed limit of 25 km/h - as soon as this limit is reached, the engine support and thus often a good part of the riding fun is lost. But this barrier can be avoided with modern e-bike chiptuning solutions. With the bikespeed-RS you can tune your e-bike with Bosch, Yamaha, Brose or Panasonic motor as well as the Haibike FLYON with TQ motor to speeds of 50 km/h and more - very easy and with minimal installation effort.

E-bike chiptuning puts an end to the limit of 25 km/h

The 25-km/h limit is an enormous disturbance factor for many e-bikers. No wonder: Man and material would often still have a lot of potential, but the law does not allow it. The throttling of the engine support is usually implemented with the help of a magnet on the rear wheel and a corresponding sensor on the frame. When the speed determined with this technology reaches 25 km/h, the engine shuts down - often quite abruptly.

With our bikespeed-RS you prevent this shutdown with an e-bike chiptuning which can be easily plugged in via our proven cable sets. That means not only a simple installation, but also a fast and trackless deconstruction. With the help of our detailed manuals, the installation can also be done easily by amateurs.

E-bike chiptuning with real speed display

Bikespeed-RS stands for RealSpeed Tuning, therefore e-bike chiptuning of the latest generation. The decisive advantage over older tuning concepts is the display of the actual speed on the speedometer. All other display functions remain untouched by the tuning - for example, features such as the odometer or the range display can continue to be used without restriction. Once installed, the handling of the e-bike chiptuning is extremely simple, the speed limit can be switched off or on again by a simple sequence of keys on the display or handlebar control unit.

Find your e-bike chiptuning in our shop

Deactivate the speed limit for your e-bike and enjoy the full driving pleasure. Our shop will guide you to the right e-bike chiptuning for your bike with a few details about the drive and display. With our bikespeed products you can unlock your e-bike and extend the support of the electric motor to speeds of 50 km/h and faster.