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What does bikespeed-RS?

bikespeed-RS Pedelec TuningWith the bikespeed-RealSpeed-Tuning your e-bike can be made significantly faster: Our tuning removes the limitation of the engine support at 25 km/h - and makes unlimited speeds possible. As a tuning solution of the latest generation, it always shows the real speed on the speedometer - that's what RS = Real Speed stands for. The odometer, average and maximum speed display, range calculation etc. can also continue to be used without restriction. Of course, the existing support levels and starting profiles remain unchanged.

Our RealSpeed tuning is available for pedelecs with Bosch, Yamaha, Brose or Panasonic mid motor.

In order to make your e-bike faster with the bikespeed-RS, a light activation is not necessary and you may also use the tuning if a battery-powered light system is already installed on your bike.

The installation of the tuning was designed by us as simple as possible. All necessary connections are pluggable through the proven bikespeed cable sets. Thus no tapping of cables on your pedelec is necessary, and a fast and trackless dismantling is possible at any time.

The activation of the speed limit can be switched via a key sequence on the display or handlebar control panel.

The tuning calibrates itself automatically to your pedelec when you switch on. The motor, the display and the tire size are recognized automatically. The tuning is thus universally applicable to make your e-bike faster - you do not have to make any settings manually.

You will find detailed information on installation and operation for your e-bike model in our illustrated installation instructions, which are available for download here.

A customer has made a video about the installation of the bikespeed-RS on his Haibike Xduro with Bosch Performance-Line engine: to the installation video on Youtube (many thanks to Fivepixel!)

What is the custom variant (bikespeed-RSc) about?

In response to numerous requests from our customers, we also offer our RealSpeed tuning in an individually configurable custom variant. With the bikespeed-RSc you not only have the possibility to make your e-bike faster, but also to configure your own personal settings, so that you or your tuning are protected from prying eyes at all times.

You can decide for yourself if and when the tuning should show its status via an animation of the battery display, with which key combination it can be switched on and off and how your tuning behaves after switching on your bike.

Since the configuration options vary depending on the engine, we recommend that you simply set up your personal bikespeed-RSc in our shop. There all options are explained in detail during the configuration process - of course without the need to place an order at the end.

Speed up your bike - why use bikespeed-RS?

Bosch Nyon-Display with bikespeed-RSThe greatest advantage of the bikespeed-RS is its simplicity for you as a user, as we focused on uncomplicated handling during its development. RS means: In contrast to older tuning methods, which halved the speedometer value to bypass the speed lock, here all values shown on your display always correspond to the actual data. You will not notice at all that a tuning is installed. After the installation of the bikespeed-RS it will Bit seamlessly into your pedelec. It makes your e-bike faster and thus provides signiBicantly more riding fun. The annoying speed limit at 25 km/h is simply eliminated.

Advantages when you make your e-bike faster with the bikespeed-RS:

  • normal function of the display, especially the speed display
  • simple installation by simply plugging in the proven bikespeed cable sets without tapping existing cables
  • works in every support level
  • no differentiation of motor, display or tire size
  • full support at any speed - no "turbo-lag"
  • completely invisible installation
  • no external power supply by batteries or similar
  • Neither light cables nor light activation are required.
  • Due to the construction method, error 102 is not possible (this error would possibly require a gear wheel conversion).
  • The electronics are sealed splash-proof, so you can use the tuning in any weather.
  • no removal for Bosch service and Bosch software updates necessary
  • simplest stockkeeping for Bosch dealers, since there is only one tuning for all engines

Uncomplicated handling, easy installation: What makes bikespeed so special

Stevens Pordoi with Bosch 2014 Performance-Motor and bikespeed-RSWe are often asked where the advantages are compared to other tunings on the market. Our answer: We are enthusiastic pedelec riders ourselves - and our enthusiasm flows into the development and continuous optimization of our products. So the tunings are developed by pedelec fans for pedelec fans and are constantly improved through our daily use. We believe that this is the greatest advantage for our customers.

Due to our experience after thousands of kilometres of riding, we know what is important for the ride. In many situations, for example, you can ride faster than 25 km/h even with the smallest support level (Eco). That's why the bikespeed-RS works in every level - and you can decide with a simple key combination when you want to use it and make your e-bike faster.

Our goal is to offer our customers the best possible support. This includes a prompt and personal response tailored to the individual customer request. With this approach, we have been able to eliminate any ambiguities that may have arisen in the short term.

When payment is received, an order is usually dispatched on the same day and is then in most cases with you the next day.

We have focused on the simplest possible handling and do not want to distract the user from the pleasure of driving by complicated operating procedures. All necessary settings are automatically recognized by the bikespeed-RS. You only have to decide whether you want to ride with or without tuning. Thanks to our optimizations, the bikespeed-RS is not perceptible while riding. Enjoy your ride.

We have also implemented this basic idea of effortlessness during installation: Thanks to our tried and tested cable sets, the tuning can be simply inserted in a few simple steps.

Bosch e-bike owners and dealers alike benefit from the universal applicability of bikespeed-RS tuning for Bosch engines.

Can my e-bike be made faster with the bikespeed-RS?

Compatibility with motors and their software

The bikespeed RS tuning is suitable for electric bikes with Bosch, Yamaha, Brosem Panasonic TQ and Sachs mid motors. Thanks to its intelligent software, the tuning automatically adapts to your bike when you switch it on.

The bikespeed-RS is currently available and compatible for the following motors and displays:


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Bosch Smart:

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Yamaha Syncdrive:

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Yamaha PW:

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TQ HPR 120S (Haibike Flyon):

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TQ HPR 120S (M1 Spitzing):

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TQ HPR 50:

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If you are planing an update of your pedelec, please check in advance with this list and your delivery-date wether your bikespeed-RS will be compatible furthermore.

If you have a newer software than listed above, and we have not updated the status-date, please ask us by e-mail:, or use the contact form to give us a message: to the contact form.

Do I need any special tools for the installation?

Spider-ToolWe designed the installation of the bikespeed-RS as simple as possible for you. The installation with bosch-motors is carried out invisibly within the gravel deflector of your motor. You can see the installation in our pictured manual. You can find the needed tools in the instructions. Please visit our shop, you can find there many tools at subsidized prices.

Yamaha motorThe installation at Yamaha motors is also very easy. Only a standard allen key set is required. The motor is held by 3 screws on the frame, and can be easily folded down to give you access to the necces necessary connections.

Brose HMI DisplayThe bikespeed-RS will also be installed within the gravel deflector of the brose motor.
To do this you only have to remove the crank and 5 torx screws usually. You don't need a crank puller to remove the crank in most cases, due it is already integrated into the crank.

You can find more information about the installation in our manuals: to the instructions.

Product liability / liability exclusion

We were not able to figure out whether running the bikespeed-RS without activating the turbo mode is permitted on public roads.

Modified bicycles are only permitted on private property. Running a modified bicycle in public traffic is expressly prohibited by road traffic regulations!

Installing and running a bikespeed-tuning is done in personal responsibility; liabilities for damages or subsequent damages as well as legal consequences for bikespeed are excluded in every case.

Please inquire about legal consequences that may result for you from installing and using the tuning before you use it.

We expressly point out that using the bikespeed-RS leads to a loss of warranty by the manufacturer. Furthermore there are no claims to product liability for your pedelec/e-bike viable for the manufacturer and bikespeed.

bikespeed especially cannot guarantee that brakes, frames, running gears, tires etc. are designed for the use of the tuning-component.

Where can I get the bikespeed-RS?

You can order the bikespeed-RS directly in our online-shop: to the shop