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Professionelles E-Bike-Tuning für Spitzing M1 mit dem System bikespeed-RSAt M1-Sporttechnik the name says it all: leisurely riding is left to others, the e-bikes from the Bavarian manufacturer are real favourites in the mountain bike scene and stand for rapid riding pleasure based on the most advanced high-tech. The brand is part of the internationally active Fritzmeier Group with its concentrated technical know-how in material engineering - and its offshoot, which since its foundation in the early 1990s has been dedicated to the then new material carbon for its frame constructions.

Based on this technical expertise, the bike manufactory developed the first mountain bike with a carbon monocoque frame. M1 does not make any compromises when it comes to the drive technology for the e-bikes either and has been relying on a successful cooperation with the engine manufacturer TQ Systems, also based in Bavaria, since 2014. Together, the powerful TQ drives were developed, which make M1's flagship, the Spitzing, the world's strongest series-produced e-bike to date. Bikespeed now has a tuning solution for this power package from a motor that is throttled down to a maximum speed of 25 km/h in the pedelec version: the bikespeed-RS and -RSc tuning for the Spitzing M1.

Use the full power of the TQ HPR 120S with Spitzing M1 Tuning

With the Spitzing model M1-Sporttechnik has firmly established itself as a pioneer of e-bike technology. Carbon is a material used in frame construction that is 70 percent lighter than aluminum and combines several advantageous material properties for mountain bikes: Rigidity and flexibility, lightweight construction and safety. The angular carbon frame gives the full-suspension Enduro e-bike not only its lightness and stability, but also its unmistakable profile. The heart of the Spitzing M1 is the TQ HPR 120S drive: The electric motor, which was developed especially for e-bikes, delivers up to 120 Nm of torque and scores especially with its compact design: With a diameter of only 144 millimeters, the TQ HPR 120S offers the highest torque in the smallest installation space and makes it possible to place it particularly low in the mountain bike frame. This ensures optimal weight distribution, so that the handling of the e-bike comes surprisingly close to that of a regular MTB without an electric motor. So why does such a bundle of energy as the Spitzing M1 need a tuning?
The answer is simple: Because a decisive drop of bitterness clouds the riding fun with the pedelec version of the Spitzing M1. Because despite the enormous power under the hood, the engine support ends abruptly at a speed of 25 km/h. The bikespeed tuning for the Spitzing M1 puts an end to this speed limit: The installation of the tuning solution releases the full motor power of the powerful TQ drive, so that speeds of 50 km/h and more are possible.

With the tuning for the Spitzing M1 introduced in 2020, bikespeed now supplies M1 fans with the proven bikespeed-RS RealSpeed tuning system for the first time. The tuning can be ordered immediately in the shop.

Year- and software compatibilty:

Year Motor Display Battery Softwarerelease
of the bike
2020 TQ 120S Marquardt Remote up to
  bikespeed-RS froom week 06/2021 or newer:      
2020 to 2021 TQ 120S up to V 1.5.136 Marquardt Remote up to
Sigma EOX Remote 500 up to V 1.4
Sigma EOX View 1200

date: 2020-09-01

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