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Professionelles E-Bike-Tuning für Flyon mit dem System bikespeed-RSThe premium brand Haibike has been synonymous with performance-oriented ebikes "made in Germany" for a long time. The innovative bicycle manufacturer from the Bavarian city Schweinfurt has dedicated itself to the development of sporty pedelecs and with the XDURO model series ("X" for extreme) has proven to be the driving force on the market for mountain bikes with electric drive. The next innovation from Haibike is also to be found in this sector of the extremely resilient and sporty E mountain bikes: The FLYON XDURO Nduro models. Also for this brand new innovation from the model year 2019, we provide the bikespeed-RS for the Haibike FLYON E Bike Tuning of the latest generation.

Flyon stirs up the electric mountain bike market- we provide the e-bike tuning

The unveiling of the innovative FLYON model range based on the previously littleknown TQ engine has opened a new era in the industry. Because the new models of the premium brand belonging to the Winora Group are real powerhouses: At the heart of the performance bikes is the TQ HPR 120S engine developed especially for this series - with a peak torque of 120 Nm one of the most powerful mid motors on the market. The patented pin ring gear ensures great power in a small space, so that the engine could be completely integrated into the carbon frame thanks to its compact design: In addition to the engine, the battery and the entire cable routing are also accommodated within the frame, thus contributing to a clear visual line.

For mountain bike fans with a preference for speed, we have further developed our e-bike tuning solution to also integrate the FLYON as the first complete Haibike system in our bikespeed-RS portfolio.

Speed up Flyon with e-bike tuning

Test your own limits on the e-bike in the terrain, savour the rush of speed and master even demanding climbs effortlessly: Dynamics is the big theme of the FLYON series. In order not to impose artificial limits on the performance of the TQ HPR 120S motor, our bikespeed-RS is recommended. With the RealSpeed E Bike Tuning for the FLYON, we help the powerhouse of an electric mountain bike to achieve even more speed: The set up speed restriction is unlocked, so that the motor support is even far beyond the limit of 25 km/h. Intensive riding fun can be so easy.

The bikespeed-RS removes the limitation of the motor support without affecting the speedometer display - that's what the abbreviation RS = Real Speed stands for. Our latest e-bike tuning solution for the FLYON with the TQ HPR 120S engine and the Haibike HMI display can be ordered in our shop.

Year- and software compatibilty:

TQ on Haibike Flyon:

Year Motor Display Battery Softwarerelease
of the bike
2019 to
Haibike HPR 120S up to V 1.5.137 Haibike HMI & System Control
up to V 1.84.00
up to V 1.20.30 february 2020
    If you have the Skybeamer 5000, please ask us.    

date: 2020-05-13

If you would like to update your pedelec, check beforehand in the list and with the help of your delivery date whether your bikespeed-RS is still compatible.

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