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With the bikespeed-key you will have more fun driving your e-bike!

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What is the bikespeed-key?

bikespeed-key (Bosch Pedelec Tuning) bikespeed-key is a simple and compact kit consisting of a tuning-chip and a cable set to bypass the speed limit of 25km/h in Bosch, Yamaha or Pansonic Pedelec motors. The chip halves the speedometer from a velocity of about 20km/h. This way, the scope of the support provided by the motor is enhanced to a maximum of 50km/h.

As long as the bikespeed-key is not plugged in your e-bike will work as normal. The “turbo gear” is activated as soon as you plug in the bikespeed key.

After installing1) the cable set, which is simply connected parallel to the speed sensor, the chip can be plugged in and out at any time (even while riding).

The cable set included is long enough to place the bikespeed-key anywhere on your bike. The cable set can simply be shortened to the length desired.

Why choose the bikespeed-key?

The greatest advantage of the bikespeed-key is its simplicity for you, the user. We eliminated any problem in the run-up to the development of the bikespeed-key. You merely have to spile two cables, or stuck between using our optional plugable cable set, and the tuning will be finished.

Does the bikespeed-key suit my bicycle?

Stevens Pordoi with Bosch 2014 Performance-motor The bikespeed-key is available for every Bosch, Yamaha or Panasonic e-bike with a mid-motor design. For bosch motors it does not matter which year of construction (2011 to 2018) or which display is plugged or which software version your bike has. There is a bikespeed-key for each variant.

For Yamaha motors the bikespeed-key is compatible with all Syncdrive-C, Syncdrive-Sport, Syncdrive-Pro, Yamaha PW Powerdrive Unit, Yamaha PW-X and Yamaha PW-SE motors from year 2014 to 2018. The display and software also doesn't matter.

On bikes with panasonic motors the bikespeed-key is compatible with all motors from year 2017 to 2018.

In our Online-Shop we help you choose the suitable tuning for your bicycle.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail:, or use our contact form.

Do I need a special tool for the installation?

Werkzeug zum Öffnen der Kettenblattmutter (Spider-Tool) We designed the installation of the bikespeed-key as simple as possible for you.

If you wish to render the installation on your bosch-pedelec as invisible as possible we recommend removing the gravel deflector of the motor and plugging in the cable set within this cover panel. This process may be more complex but we support you with the pictured instructions included. You can download the manual at our instructions.

You can find the needed tools in the instructions. Please visit our shop, you can find there many tools at subsidized prices.

Haibike AllMnt RC mit Yamaha-Motor The installation at Yamaha motors is also very easy. Only a standard allen key set is required. The motor is held by 3 screws on the frame, and can be easily folded down to give you access to the necces necessary connections.

If you want to know more about the installation you can have a look at our pictured instructions in advance clicking this link: to the instructions.

Why are there different cable sets of the bikespeed-key on the bosch motor?

cable-set for the bikespeed-key As a standard we supply a USB-cable of about 2m length. By using this cable you can place the bikespeed-key wherever you want on your bicycle. You can shorten the cable to the length required. The USB-cable is to be plugged into the speed-sensor of your pedelec. We provide you with terminals with insulation sleeves which enable a solderless connection.

plugable cable-set for the bikespeed-key Since this kind of connection cannot be removed without traces we offer a plugable cable set for a small extra charge. With this set you can simply connect the bikespeed-key between the motor and the speed sensor. This type of tuning can be removed without any traces. A further advantage is the foolproof and fast installation.
For the connection of the plugable cable set the gravel deflector of your motor has to be removed. Which steps are required for this procedure and what kind of tools you need is best learned from our instructions: to the instructions.

Please keep in mind that the guaranty and product liability of your pedelec will expire after installing a tuning component, even if you use removable cable sets.

Product Liability/ Exclusion of Liability

We were not able to figure out whether running the bikespeed-key with the cable installed but without a chip plugged in is permitted on public roads.

We expressly point out that the mere existence of the interface for tuning components may already be an offence in the sense of the road traffic regulations and/or may also be an insurance fraud! Using a modified bicycle is only allowed on private property. Running a bikespeed-tuning in public traffic is expressly prohibited by road traffic regulations.

Installing and using a bikespeed-tuning is done in personal responsibility. Liabilities for damages or subsequent damages as well as legal consequences for bikespeed are excluded in every case.

Please inquire about legal consequences that may result for you from installing and using a tuning system before the purchase.

We expressly point out that using the bikespeed-tunings may lead to a loss of warranty by the manufacturer. The product liability of the manufacturer of your pedelec components may be omitted.

bikespeed especially cannot guarantee that brakes, frames, running gears, tires etc. are designed for the use of the tuning-component.

Where can I get the bikespeed-key?

You can order the bikespeed-key directly in our online-shop. It will be delivered with all the material necessary for the installation and assembly. Please click here to proceed with the choice of the required bikespeed-key: to the shop

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1)We point out that the installation may only be carried out by an expert.

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