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How did the bikespeed-key come to be?

Winora Town-E with tuning from bikespeed We were “infected by the e-bike fever” as soon as 2010. It all began with a Winora Town-e. Driving this bike was so much fun that almost no time passed until two additional Town-es were acquired within our circle of friends.

E-Carpo (with Bosch Pedelec Tuning from bikespeed) Yet, however much fun riding those small pedelecs was - the deactivation at 25 km/h was annoying! You literally smashed into a wall at 25 km/h. So we set out to bypass this barricade and after some minor setbacks we managed it.

E-Carpo (with Bosch pedelec Tuning from bikespeed) Then, in 2012 there was the first e-bike with a Bosch motor. No comparison with the Winora-bicycle. It was a cornerstone in the history of the e-bike. Using our experience from the Winora-tuning we “unlocked” the Bosch-motor rather quickly. To this day we persuaded many an acquaintance and a great many friends to acquire an e-bike with a Bosch-motor on which they used our tuning-set and now they drive free from constraints.

The bikespeed-team on the road without the Bosch tuning Since we only got positive feedback to our tuning we decided to start sales in summer 2013.
Due to our long lasting experience in developing electronics and marketing the distribution of the bikespeed-key was quickly implemented.

Stevens Pordoi with Bosch 2014 Performance-motor and bikespeed-key After a short while this decision was acknowledged by the positive feedback of many new and content customers. It spurred us to amplify the range of our pedelec-tuning. We were thus able to offer more tools for the installation of the bikespeed-key and further accessories. We are particularly proud of our plugable cable sets, which make the installation for our customers considerably easier and which allow a de-installation without a trace.

Stevens Pordoi with Bosch 2014 Performance-motor and bikespeed-RS But that didn’t go far enough for us. That is why we developed early 2014 a tuning like you’ve never seen before, which is to stand out from other “commercial” tunings. The bikespeed-RS tuning allows you to see the actual velocity on the speed indicator despite active tuning. We had a lot of fun developing the new system, and so we did while testing the newly developed tuning on lots of thousands kilometers of road.

Yamaha SDuro AllMnt RX mit bikespeed-RS Early 2015 we developed the bikespeed-key and the bikespeed-RS for all Yamaha mid motor design, both variants Haibike and Giant.

Rotwild R.C1 HT mit Brose-Motor und bikespeed-RS Shortly afterwards, we were able to implement the bikespeed-RS for the newly published Brose Motor.

Towards the end of 2015, we have been able to extend the functionality of the bikespeed-RS significantly again, because of the new available custom-variant, which makes the tuning configurable for you as customer. This makes it possible to protect your tuning from prying eyes.

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